We manufacture and sell a forklift level indicator of our own design. The level indicator is used on forklift trucks in a warehouse environment. Its firmware passes level data via USB to higher level software via the networked onboard computer.

The problem: Warehouses use forklift trucks with onboard computers and mistakes are made in entering the location of stored merchandise into the onboard computer. The truck driver uses a bar code scanner to enter the aisle, rack and level locations into an onboard networked computer. It is an open loop - there is no feedback to verify that the location data entered is correct - so the data entry must be accurate. However due to human error and the difficulty in scanning a list of barcodes the wrong level can be entered resulting in pallets being lost.

Our solution: A simple and inexpensive solution which both improves accuracy and saves the drivers' time. Our level detectors are impervious to dirt, dust, grease etc.. They pass the fork level to our cpu interface which intercepts and emulates the bar code scanner to automatically enter the correct level into the onboard networked computer. No action is required of the driver beyond putting away the pallet. When the forks stop at a particular level for two seconds or more that level is registered. The drivers like the system because it is fast and accurate. As an option we provide a display showing the current fork level to the driver.